Fleece Braid


  1. Cut three strips of fleece
  2. Tie one end into a knot
  3. Braid strips
  4. Tie knot at the bottom

Try an advanced braid

Dog Tip: Freeze the toy for a cooling activity.

Cat Tip: Sprinkle cat nip on the braid for hours of fun.

PVC Pipe Feeder


  1. Drill holes in pipe
  2. Smooth all edges and holes with sandpaper
  3. Place end cap at each end
  4. Fill with treats 

Full instructions

Dog Tip: The more the treat smells, the more your dog will enjoy!

Cat Tip: Be sure the pipe is the correct size for your cat.

Flirt Pole


  1. Take a pole (ex. yard stick, PVC pipe, etc.)
  2. Tie a rope or bungee cord at one end
  3. Tie a toy at the other end of the rope.

Full Instructions

Dog Tip: Be sure the items are strong enough for your dog.

Cat Tip: Feathers and fleece pieces are great toys to add.

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