Lost and Found


Your first step should always be to CALL the local shelter to report the pet

Your next step is to visit the shelter:

Please report the pet to Lost Dogs Of Texas

Once completed, a free flyer can be printed.

Bring that flyer to all surrounding shelters.

Hyperlinks to City Resources:

Forney, TX -  Heath/McLendon, TX  -  Mesquite, TX  -  Sunnyvale ,TX  

Terrell, TX - Crandall, TX - Seagoville, TX

The Forney Animal Shelter only provides services within the city Limits. 

Pets outside the city limits are directed to Humane Society of Cedar Creek in Kaufman County

Facebook site for posting lost/found pets:

Lost Found Pets of MSF  -  Kaufman County Animal Control  -  Lost Forney Pets  

Lost & Found of Garland/Mesquite  -  Forney Pet Finder   -  Forney Treasure Exchange

Other sites:

Craig's List  -  Fido Finder  -  Next Door

- LOST -

All the different sites are so overwhelming! Where does one begin? 

There are so many sites for lost and found pets that it can easily 

become overwhelming for someone looking for their beloved pet. 

We suggest that you post on ONE site, copy the link and paste in other sites. 

By returning to the one site and updating the post, you no longer need to remember all the different places you visited. Those with information also have once source to go to as well.

Other ways to network your lost pet:

Print flyers with a detailed description and photos (face, body, unique markings, etc.). 

Hand deliver a flyer to the surrounding shelters and email to shelters outside your area. 

Animals can travel up to 5 miles a day on their own. 

Or someone may pick up the animal and take them home to their own city. 

Posting signs around your community is another way to have more eyes looking out for your pet.

Did you know that there is an association that tracks missing pets? 

Texas Pet Detectives have specialists, who provide search and rescue for missing pets using 

specially trained Search Dogs.


You found a pet. Now what? 

First, check for identification by going to the nearest animal clinic. 

You can simply walk in, explain that you found the pet and would like to have them scan for a microchip. There is no fee for the scan.

No luck with identifying the owners? 

Call the city's animal control to report the found pet. 

CALL THE CITY IN WHICH YOU FOUND THE PET to ensure the owners can locate their pet. 

(See list of local numbers above)

You want to try to find the owners rather than leaving the pet at the shelter? 

Before bringing the animal home, make sure you can keep your resident animals separate; 

the found animal could be sick, fearful or aggressive with other animals. 

Once you have him safely at your home, take pictures and create a found pet flier to post around the area in which the animal was found.

Beware of fraudulent owners! 

Sadly, there are those who troll the internet looking to scam the good samaritans of this world. 


This can aid in safeguarding against this.

If you've tried to find the owner without success, but are unable to keep the animal long-term, 

you can try to re-home the animal yourself.



- Every 2 seconds a pet goes missing

- Few shelters take advantage of available technology to post their intakes.

- A cat is 38% more likely to return home when microchipped

- 52% of dogs are reunited because of a microchip

- An animal can travel 5 miles a day

- A neutered pet is less likely to roam

Contact us for discounted microchips and low cost spay/neuter clinics in your area!

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