Meet the Team!

Board Members


Nicole Watkins

A co-founder of Friends of the Forney Animal Shelter, which transitioned to Forney P.A.W.S. in 2018, Nicole's passion for animals was bred in her from birth. She has has been involved in every aspect of the animal world, from veterinary clinics and municipal shelters to private rescues and field operations.  Nicole brings over 15 years of knowledge from coursework in rehabilitation and behavioral studies. 

In the human world: Nicole spearheads various projects while managing SME volunteers and a development team of domestic and international personal to produce Resuscitation Quality Improvement programs for the American Heart Association.  

Family life: Nicole is married to a police officer, who moonlights as a firefighter. Nicole and her husband are proud parents to two cats, a Staffie, and a Pittie. These foster failures often help evaluate homeless dog's behavior, along with teaching children how to properly interact with animals. 


Lori Pierce


Lori began volunteering in the early 90's by visiting nursing homes with her affectionate canines. Her desire to improve lives and strengthen the community only grew and she soon found herself volunteering with additional groups. Lori quickly became a vital volunteer, when she started fostering with one of the largest rescue organizations in the DWF area. That role evolved into additional work with various rescues and local animal shelters. Through the years, her experience and knowledge cultivated into areas involving animal transportation, networking, fundraising and advocating. 

In the human world: Lori has been a forensic accounting consultant for over 20 years. She has also volunteered with hospice, a guardianship program, and served on the Board of Directors for the Forney Arts Council.

Family life: Lori isn't the only volunteer in her family. Her rescue Rottweiler, Carly, holds a Canine Good Citizen Advanced certification. Which she puts to work by visiting nursing homes. Lori has another Rottweiler, who was a foster failure and now enjoys goofing around with his human nieces. 


Kim Bader

Growing up on a farm, animal care and welfare have always been a part of Kim's life. 

Kim has held many roles with several animal rescues and welfare groups over the years. Kim's 5+ years of experience as an adoption councilor and animal handler have provided Kim with the expert skills needed to bring animal welfare to the forefront. Through this, she has found a hunger for bringing animal awareness to our community's youth as well. While her roles in rescue and animal welfare have changed throughout the years, her passion has not! 


Quote: I am looking forward to the positive changes that we can make in Forney and the surrounding areas.

Family life: Kim and her family relocated to Texas 3 years ago, from New Mexico.  Her beautiful family includes a husband and two girls. Along with a Corgi mix, a Brittany Spaniel mix, an All-American mutt, and an epileptic Golden Retriever, who you may find at one of the R.E.A.D. events. 

Animal Welfare Director

LaDonna Finley

Over the last 20 years, LaDonna's love and respect for animals has prompted her to volunteer in various shelters across the metroplex.  Her Energizer Bunny attributes gained her employment as a Vet Tech for the largest non-profit organization in Dallas. There, her role included building powerful relationships with shelters through live saving transfers and medical need assessments. Her role evolved into being instrumental as a Vet Assistant and the formation of one of the largest rescue centers in the DFW area. LaDonna's interactions involved hoarding situations, dog fighting, malnourished and mistreated animals. All of which required intervention, assessment, behavior modification and positive action. LaDonna's thirst for knowledge keeps her entertained by way of coursework in rehabilitation, medical and behavioral studies.

In the human world:  LaDonna is an Animal Enrichment Specialist for Dallas Animal Services. She leads animal behavior modification through playgroups and other situations involving the channeling of good vibes between what can sometimes be a challenging environment for animals.

Family Life: LaDonna's love of animals isn't just at work. She cares for her rescue dogs, chickens and her daughter's spoiled cat. Additionally, she rehabilitates wildlife in her spare time. LaDonna also has a wonderful husband, daughter and son at home. Along with a daughter, who has already left the nest.

Event & Fundraising Co-Director

Shelby McKemy

An animal lover since birth, Shelby grew up surrounded by animals of all shapes and sizes. Her family was known for taking in animals and nurturing them back to health. This developed a deep desire within Shelby to create an environment of responsible pet parents. This passion transferred to her need to be an active member of the public. Growing up in the Forney community has given Shelby the skills needed to network with our neighbors and build a strong culture of animal advocates.


Quote: I am very passionate in the welfare of animals and want to be "the voice". I am thrilled to be apart of Forney P.A.W.S. and I hope to make a difference in our society.

Family life: Shelby is proud mama to 2 rescue cats. When you see her at events, ask to see her ring. That's right, Shelby is recently engaged! 

Event & Fundraising Co-Director

Kylee McKemy

Growing up in a home full of every type of animal imaginable, gave Kylee a deep understanding of animal behavior and care.  From chickens and squirrels to dogs and cat, Kylee has experienced it all over the last 20 years. Throughout this time, her love for animals has not waivered. Through her talent for calling on the community to take action, Kylee hopes her role as one of the Event and Fundraising Directors will build a community of responsible pet parents. Kylee's goal is to help animals and teach others about the importance of animal training, their health and treating all animals as they deserve.

In the human world: Kylee's passion for animals has immersed into her professional work as well. Kylee has been working for a local Animal Hospital for a year and a half; "I enjoy going to work and making animals feel better."

Family Life: Kylee has a loving cat named Dinah. Or, you might say Dinah has a loving owner named Kylee.

Team Members

iFoster Coordinator

Open Position

Animal Behavioralist

Heeling Hands - Ryshell Talmadge


  • B.S. in Zoology
    • Minors in Animal Behavior
    • Neurobiology
    • Zoo & Aquarium Science


  • Zoo Keeper at Kansas City Zoo
  • Kennel Tech at Michigan Humane Society. 
  • PetSmart Trainer
  • Animal Behaviorist at SPCA of TX
  • ACO in Plano, TX
    • Adoption Councilor 
    • Wildlife Rehabilitation
    • Medical Evaluations